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The Name in Heatlhcare


Welcome to Rosewood Rehabilitation and Nursing, a sanctuary where exceptional care meets the warmth of community. For over four decades, we’ve proudly upheld ‘The Name in Healthcare,’ offering a legacy of excellence and compassion. Nestled in upstate New York amid serene mountains, our picturesque location reflects our commitment to providing healthcare in a tranquil and private setting.
Explore a haven where healing, dignity, and a sense of belonging converge seamlessly. At Rosewood, each resident’s well-being takes center stage. Our expert and professional team of caregivers stands at the heart of this commitment, ensuring that you receive not just care but genuine support throughout your healthcare journey.
Welcome to Rosewood — where the name represents more than a place; it embodies a promise of exceptional care, a welcoming community, and a journey towards well-being. Experience the difference that ‘The Name in Healthcare’ brings to your healthcare journey.

Empowering Rehabilitation,
Bevond Expectations.

Superior clinical care. Proven rehabilitative programs. Powerful, personalized treatments. Amenities that inspire. No wonder our residents make leaps and bounds.

A fighting edge, every day

From rehabilitation to convalescence, we give people their lives back, reminding them why it pays to fight.

Life’s best experiences

Our experienced team of therapists help patients regain optimal mobility, range of motion, functionality, and quality of life.

Living Luxuries as standard

We are committed to providing a warm, loving environment with a special emphasis on family caregiver involvement.

Private Homelike Setting

Our quaint 80 bed facility features 32 private rooms with picturesque views of the Albany Skyline or a retreat like glimpse of nature.

Expert Care
You advocate. We rehabilitate

At Rosewood Rehabilitation and Nursing, our commitment to excellence is epitomized by our expert and professional team of caregivers. With a wealth of experience and a passion for providing top-tier healthcare, our dedicated team stands at the forefront of ensuring the highest standards of quality care. Their expertise extends beyond medical proficiency; it encompasses genuine compassion and a deep understanding of the unique needs of each resident. Our caregivers are not merely healthcare providers; they are compassionate partners on your journey to well-being, ensuring that every aspect of your care reflects the excellence that defines Rosewood — The Name in Healthcare.

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Rapid recovery with personalized plans for mobility, strength, and coordination.

Long-Term Care

Compassionate, extended care for enhanced quality of life.

Medical Services

Comprehensive healthcare, including IV therapy, wound care, and medication management.


Tailored programs for physical, occupational, and speech therapy needs.

Respite Care

Temporary relief for caregivers, ensuring loved ones are well-cared for.

Our Facilities

Nestled amid the tranquil landscapes of upstate New York, Rosewood Rehabilitation and Nursing offers a comforting retreat that goes beyond typical healthcare. Our facilities are designed to provide a sense of warmth and community, embracing a homely atmosphere that promotes healing and well-being. Our focus is on creating an inviting space where residents can find solace and a supportive environment.

Thoughtful living spaces and common areas are crafted to instill a genuine sense of belonging. Rosewood is more than just a healthcare facility; it’s a place where simplicity meets compassion, and our atmosphere reflects the commitment to providing quality care in a setting that feels like home. Welcome to Rosewood, where the environment and atmosphere contribute to a healthcare experience defined by ‘The Name in Healthcare.’


Embark on a journey of exceptional care with
Rosewood Rehabilitation and Nursing.

We recognize the challenges in choosing the right healthcare services for your loved ones, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Whether you’re exploring our facilities, seeking information about our comprehensive services, or ready to make a decision, our dedicated team is here for you.

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Where compassion, well-being, and a welcoming community converge to redefine your healthcare journey.

Welcome to Rosewood, where your family becomes our family.